When reality turns into art
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When reality turns into art

When reality turns into art

Published on 08.05.2015


Belize, August, 18:32h

On a chunk of coast lost between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize lives and breathes in a world of its own. It seems that nothing in its tumultuous past has influenced what this small place really is. A Caribbean island not completely surrounded by the sea, an answer to the search for peace and quiet, a place where people can find and lose themselves, a timeless spot.

Travellers exploring the Route of the Mayans or submerging into one of the largest reefs in the world who decide to venture towards the gates of small paradise just cannot miss a visit to Belize.

The heat is suffocating, and not even the recent storm which is now moving away into the distance is enough to cool the sweltering heat on this particular afternoon in August. But it doesn’t matter. Everything seems part of a script in which nature write paragraphs at whim and, rather than actors, there are only spectators. Suddenly, for a moment, everything goes quiet and only the sound of the water lapping at my feet manages to wake my drowsy mind and gradually makes me aware of my surroundings.

I stand up and decide I need to capture a sensation, an illusion, a sublime beauty. I walk in the water along the shore and as if I wanted to touch the horizon, I let my camera do something I find impossible.

My mood conditions what I feel; I can change everything I observe yet this sea, the stillness in the air, like Belize itself, seem to be unaware of everything, even this mood. I am totally helpless and all I can do is enjoy this vision and brand it on my retina. I close my eyes and can remember the fold of each wave, curve of each cloud, hue of each reflection, the intensity of the rays of the sun which is slowly disappearing, using it all to create a picture that is nearly as evocative as reality itself.





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