The landscape of the gods
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The landscape of the gods

The landscape of the gods

Published on 14.05.2015


Vatnajökul, Iceland, August, 20:24h

A huge volcanic rock in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, as near the North Pole as warmer lands, Iceland appears out of the nothing and survives thanks to the caresses of the mild Gulf currents. A convergence of large tectonic plates, the Earth’s biggest scar is found on this island.

The island’s 5,000 kilometres of coast offer a stark, inert beauty, which at first sight does not seem to belong to this world. Although the landscape appears to be totally immutable, you get the impression that it could wake up at any moment to explain how the world was created and tell us that our presence is quite irrelevant. It’s as though the world we know had originated in this small spot and I feel I can’t avoid becoming intoxicated by the peace that reigns in this place.

All this was here long before us and it is inevitable that we appreciate nothing will change after we have departed this life. Nature in its purest and primary state, where the elements of Creation freely inhabit and greet every step.

Glaciers, volcanoes, geysers and waterfalls make up a landscape that belongs to the beginning and end of the world, where Man can only be a respectful spectator. Driving for miles and miles accompanied by the monotonous noise of the engine of a little car, rediscovering a naked beauty with each instant of time.

I stop at the glaciers in the south, signposted next to the road with their impossible name and after a slight effort, I finally discover the pureness of a shade of blue that seems to have been taken from a world of fantasy, because here it lights up pieces of ice. The sight is overwhelming. For a moment, the silence becomes even quieter, only torn by the icy mountain air, bringing me to my senses and allowing me to capture a dream.

In this magical place, even the gods would sit down to soak up the landscape.





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