Similia Similibus Costume
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Similia Similibus Costume

Similia Similibus Costume

Published on 08.05.2015


Similia Similibus is created by observing something in particular; it does not always have to be something physical, it can be a feeling at a certain time… Inspiration is all around us!
Inspiration and curiosity have led this Basque artist to create a brand that has modern women as its essence.
Similia Similibus sees a complex woman but she loves simple shapes; an authentic and independent woman whose garments allow her to be herself whilst feeling comfortable.
It is not difficult to perceive. She uses cotton, linen, silk and wool for all her garments, which wrap her in a state of comfort and peace.
But what is the essence? 
Pureness, quality, authenticity and mysticism. Nature provides me with practically all the shapes and colours I need.
But what does Similia Similibus really mean?  Similia Similibus comes from homeopathy, although it is also used in psychology when referring to the law of attraction. For me it is a kind of mantra, which I use to attract everything I can visualise. In a certain way it is up to us to decide our lives and its quality.



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