"Our collections are endowed with fantasy and romanticism"
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"Our collections are endowed with fantasy and romanticism"

"Our collections are endowed with fantasy and romanticism"

Published on 12.06.2015


‘BET Barcelona stands for Barcelona Experimentación Textil. Right from the beginning it was clear our project would use experimentation as the fundamental value of the entire creative process we employ to develop our work. We also decided to include the name of Barcelona because it is our city and the origin of this project, as well as being the city that inspires and influences us’. This is the clear explanation provided by the three designers: Mariona Tell, Mónika Ardila and Sara Galofre. Between the three of them they cover fashion design, graphic and digital design, illustration, web design, fine art and everything that represents a possible challenge for them. Where do all these disciplines come from? ‘We met when we were studying in the ESDi, we specialised in fashion, electronic art and digital design. After finishing our degrees and investigating our respective areas of interest, we met up again to bring to life the creative universe of BET, synonym of creativity and extravagance.
‘This extravagance is reflected in the diversity of materials with which they work the plastic, leather and brass, etc. Yes, at an initial stage we might use wicker, wood, latex or fabrics. As we experiment with the possibilities each material offers us, we limit the selection to focus on those that will enable us to better define our product’.
Experimentation is their personal stamp but… does it form part of the whole product creation process? ‘We firmly believe in the importance of investing time in our work to obtain the best results as possible. We like to take great care of each one of the stages in our collections: the first ideas, sketches and prototypes, until we reach the final product. We take the same care of the product as of its mise-en-scène. Our collections are endowed with fantasy and romanticism; we like to generate content and enliven the collections by creating images and visual content. For us, each collection is a whole and we try to make sure the product shows the fantasy and delicacy of each story that inspires us. Besides the inspiration we get from our Pinterest account, where we really work on the product is in the Atelier. Our atelier is our creative centre; we go there every day to work or hold meetings. We sometimes also call it our laboratory because it is where all our ideas are born and where we can put them into practice’.
And the traditional part? ‘The manufacturing procedures for making our bags or doing the embroidery and illustrations on the flaps are all done by hand. We think that work done by hand offers a level of quality, precision and delicacy which, on occasions, cannot be compared with industrial processes. Our collections are limited productions and we defend the ethical and responsible work carried out by all the people who form part of the process and in this way, we assure each piece is unique an exclusive’.



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