The BET Barcelona Leather Workshop
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The BET Barcelona Leather Workshop

Published on 08.05.2015


retrato ophelia my new blazer

BET Barcelona hasn’t stopped growing and taking risks with new delicate and exquisite collections. To have one of their bags in your hands is like having a unique jewel.
The delicate materials and the imagination of each artist’s canvas turn each product, bag or scarf into a small work of art.
For the three designers, Sara Galofre, Mónika Ardila and Mariona Tell, their creative process is characterised by constant research and experimentation. 

‘BET stands for Barcelona Experimentación Textil and said experimentation forms the basis of its creative process’

The leather they use for their products is of the highest quality and is obtained from reliable and ethical sources. Every so often, they organise workshops for the public (in very small groups) to transmit their technique to people who are interested in learning the procedure.taller de cuero my new blazer



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