SIN EXCUSAS (There’s No Excuse)
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SIN EXCUSAS (There’s No Excuse)

Published on 21.05.2015


S.O.S: Is there a poet in the room?

There are no excuses for this week’s recommendation. Or, at least, there’s no use in referring to the well-known phrase ‘I don’t have enough time to read’ or ‘I never read because I can’t concentrate’. This week’s recommendation is loaded with tales that get shorter and shorter.

And that’s how they’re put into order. From the longest (26 lines) to the shortest (two words). The author, elena m (all in lower case, as if to make it easier to slip in between all these stories she’s going to narrate), is Catalan but she lives in Madrid, so right at the beginning you feel a connection with her. Impatient, a book-lover, overflowing with words. But the further I get into the book, reading her tales or, to be more precise, her mini tales, the greater the connection becomes.  

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With a lot of feeling, bringing emotions to the surface, an indirect style, full of subtleness and imagination. A (short) series of perfectly chosen words to offer us a story that makes us think, feel, smile, and fantasise… everything we ask from literature.

Who was it who said, ‘Good things, when short… are twice as good’?

In addition, several stories have illustrations by Santi Jiménez. Sensual and inspiring drawings that complete an edition (comanegra) which in my opinion adapt perfectly to the texts.

As Umberto Eco used to say, and the author reminds us at the beginning of the book, ‘The real reader is the one who understands that the secret of a text is its emptiness’. And that’s how you feel when you read most of elena m’s texts. If you’re feeling brave enough, I invite you to try them. There’s no excuse.

Two: an elderly couple have just got on the tube train and the man can’t find space on the overhead rail to hold onto. Without realising it, the women says it all, ‘Hold onto my arm and if we fall, we’ll fall together’.

Pita Sopena


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