LLUVIA DE EMOCIONES (A Shower of Emotions)
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LLUVIA DE EMOCIONES (A Shower of Emotions)

Published on 11.06.2015


When I was small I read a book

For grown-ups that said

You could eat life

By the spoonful.

This recipe helps

Sweeten the emotions

That accompany us

Every day and makes us understand

That imagination is an

Essential ingredient.


A few days ago, the Book Fair reached Madrid. Stalls, crowds of people putting up with the heat in a festive mood and ready to buy (or, at least, that’s what the booksellers say: there’s a lot of activity and they are managing to make some money), activities, signatures and more signatures and, especially the hideous loud speaker which only confuses you and makes you believe for an instant that you’re walking along the aisles in a supermarket.

Certain aspects and jokes aside, the Fair is a space where you can wander around happily, feeling entranced, and on days like yesterday, a normal Tuesday afternoon, you can approach the stalls and nose around. I could spend hours and hours rummaging through the items of interest.

Because this is the best part of the Fair, finding surprises which you wouldn’t usually find in a bookshop. You go to the Fair looking for pieces of treasure.

Yesterday it happened to me on several occasions and I returned home with six books (I had bought five and one was a present) and because I had finished one before I went to bed, I leave it here as a recommendation.

It was the title and front cover that caught my attention, making me open it: ‘Recetas de Lluvia y Azúcar’ (Recipes of Rain and Sugar). Rather nice, don’t you think?

My smile grew when I saw it was an illustrated book that attempts to take us nearer our own emotions, those swings of mood you have decided to reencounter when you acknowledge face to face you have reached the glorious age of 40. It’s never too late (as the saying goes).

In the book, full of humour and imagination, games and a great deal of sensibility, Eva Manzano defines, for example, sadness or gratitude; she explains what’s behind empathy, how shyness originated or what is behind freedom. In addition, for each one she gives us a recipe to help us foster the feeling, or maybe cope with it better. Accompanying each emotion are the drawings of Mónica Gutiérrez, elegant, modern and very expressive illustrations which add the final touch to this approximation to each one of the emotions that we can all experience in a single day.



And if we play at walking several moons wearing the other person’s shoes before we judge them? Or what would happen if we kissed each other’s arms?...

In conclusion, it is impossible to lock the heart but, as the author tells us… while we are discovering what the key that locks emotions is used for, we will have to look after them, water them once in a while, take them to the beach, let them free in the country and try to teach them why they make mistakes…


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