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Published on 04.06.2015


Ever thine,

Ever mine,

Ever ours.

It’s quite possible that some of you might recognise these verses. Not because they belong to the letter Beethoven wrote to his Immortal Beloved, but because of the film ‘Sex and the City’, in which Carrie reads Mr Big some fragments of love letters that great men wrote to their loved ones. And, at the end, said verses play an important role in the protagonists’ story.

After watching this scene, thousands of fans starting visiting bookshops to order the book which the trendiest girl in Manhattan used to read to her loved one every night.

The book didn’t exist. Of course there were others with similar texts, but the fan phenomenon wasn’t enough. They only wanted that particular book.

The MacMillan publishing company was the quickest off the mark and they decided to publish it. They collected letters and then joined them to the film. The result: ‘Love Letters of Great Men’.

The book is an anthology of romantic love letters sent by people such as Hume, Sterne, Mozart, Beethoven himself, Napoleon, Flaubert, Wilde… and of course, Lord Byron.

Each person tells us briefly about their love story, when the letter was written or the lovers’ situation when the letters were sent. The rest… just enjoy these feelings, this display of emotions that men, who were indeed great, were capable of expressing to their loved ones.

The only drawback about the book is that it was never translated into Spanish. Perhaps some of the passion of the letters would have been lost.


'You’re right. We must love and then say so, then write so, then kiss on the lips, the eyes and everywhere’. Victor Hugo.

Pita Sopena

La Tienda de las Palabras




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