COCINANDO QUE ES GERUNDIO... (Cooking is a Gerund)
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COCINANDO QUE ES GERUNDIO... (Cooking is a Gerund)

Published on 28.05.2015


I don’t know whether it’s better to cook wrapped in a comfortable apron or calmly open a bottle of wine while you’re planning the menu. Maybe I’ve seen too many American films and, anyway, my kitchen doesn’t have a view of the sea, nor is there enough space on my worktop for each and every one of those paper bags…

However, I’m perfectly aware that to enjoy cooking you need to press ‘Play’ and tune in with us.

Today we’re going to talk about dishes, music and, of course, a book: COCINA INDIE (Indie Cooking).

In the book, Mario Suárez and Ricardo Cavolo offer us 90 recipes linked to songs (that are great) and some really ingenious colour illustrations.

A record accompanies each dish. A record that, thanks to its lyrics and melodies, makes the cooking easier or inspires us. Mind you, the music belongs to the Indie genre (there’s another one of Pop Cooking, but because the person writing these lines prefers Indie music…).

As a result, without even realising it you can start off with some hake fish balls for your friends, with ‘Mapas’, by Vetusta Morla, playing in the background. Follow that by chicken and curry noodles to the sound of Franz Ferdinand, and the dessert accompanied by the songs from ‘You Could Have it So Much Better’. Leave some room for a cottage cheese cake with white stripes enjoying ‘Under Great White Northern Lights’, by The White Stripes.

Don’t you think everything will taste a lot better with this formula and it sounds a lot easier??


I have to go now, and because I’m about to applaud the Primavera Sound, I’m determined to do my best with a Casablanca sirloin steak….

Pita Sopena
La tienda de las palabras 



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