Art of Shortage and Imagination
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Art of Shortage and Imagination

Published on 08.05.2015


This weekend there’s an undisputed appointment in the Gracia district. A number of artists and shows form part of the second edition of (XYMAHOCT), presented by The Art Coco.
The permanent exhibitions will show the work of the artist, painter and photographer, Aleksandar Zaar, (, and there will be another displaying the work of the designer, illustrator and founder of Abe the Ape (, Abraham Menéndez.


Zaar’s work is a summary of his artistic career where he questions identity, passing of time and memory. By means of succession and repetition, his compositions try to reveal the impossible, what is hidden, the existence of ‘something’ missing. The notion of absence is always present in his work. In this series, Zaar’s photographs try to capture what remains of the past and is contained in walls, like the work of an archaeologist who considers the importance of both visible and invisible elements as part of the excavation and discovery processes.  


A world of fiction and fantasy presented by tableware. Abraham Méndez, founder of Abe The Ape, knows how to reflect this universe with designs that are either full of colour or based on minimalistic shades. The artist’s pottery is loaded with character and is becoming a leading brand in the world of decoration. An amusing and rather unconventional brand that is far from pastoral or minimalistic styles.  

Sala Badabadoc, C/. Quevedo 36, Barcelona


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