Silja Götz
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Silja Götz

Silja Götz

Silja Götz

1974: She was born in Regensburg/ Germany

1998: She obtained a Degree in Communication Design (GSO Fachhochschule, Nürnberg/ Germany), specialising in illustration

1999 to 2001: She worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for the magazine ‘Allegra’, in Hamburg

June 2001: She moved to Madrid

Since then, she has worked as a freelance illustrator


Some of her clients: The New Yorker, Time Magazine, El País, Nylon Magazine (USA), Estrella Damm, New York Magazine,

Vogue (Japan, UK, Australia), Elle (Japan, Germany), Die Zeit (Germany), Schöner Wohnen (Germany), Enroute (Canada),

Penguin Books, Harper Collins, Planeta, Vanity Fair...



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Meeting Silja Götz

Describe your work in 3 words

‘Eclectic, feminine, personal’.

Do you remember your first illustration?

‘My very first assignment was a smiling cat with a crown for a Cat Hotel. Everybody has to start somewhere!’

How would you describe your creative process?

I start with scribbling a few ideas, then I search for material online (postures or pictures of items that should be in the illustration). Then I start drawing in earnest, often using a light desk. Finally all parts are scanned separately, assembled in Photoshop and altered until it all fits together.

‘If there’s time, I let it sit for a night and have a fresh look at it the next morning, to see if it still can be improved’.

Who or what inspires you?

‘It varies. I go a lot to the Prado museum. I’m very much drawn to the art of the Renaissance period and modernism. Also old fashion illustrations from the 20s and 30s’.

What helps you to be creative?

‘Tea and a tight deadline’.

What is your working environment like?

‘It’s not at all as it should be, very cramped, lots of books and paper samples. What’s most important to me is that I’m alone and undisturbed and that I can listen to talk radio while I work’.

What would be your dream project?

‘A cover for the New Yorker!’

Where can we follow you?

Your favourite fashion designers

‘Right now: Maybe Issey Miyake. And I just discovered Ulyana Sergeenko with her very dramatic and retro style.

‘Of all times: The fantastic Elsa Schiaparelli’.

Last question…. your favourite Blazer?

It’s a very simple black affair made of very good fabric, perfectly cut and it goes with everything.




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