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“Images are windows that evoke infinite stories”

From Barcelona, Spain


‘I love places that spark our senses and in a certain way stir up our inner selves. I enjoy searching and when the feeling arrives, I try and let my camera do the rest.


‘I’ve had the opportunity to spend over 20 years travelling around the world and on these trips I think I have only managed to capture this special essence on a very few occasions. Although it’s true that my trips have sometimes simply enabled me to discover the soul that might be waiting for us around the corner.


‘I think images are much more than motives, light, framing and colours. In my opinion they’re windows which evoke infinite stories and, for this reason, they’re more a means than an end. They can be used to imagine the stories that surround them.


‘I use a basic photographic technique, trying to apply the most elemental concepts in a self-taught manner that is probably obvious to everyone. I would like to produce the perfect photograph, but I am satisfied with trying to combine photography and sensations.


‘Anyway, I think that all remains to be done and everything can be reinvented, meaning that I will carry on searching for images that touch our hearts’.





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