Emma Joy
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Emma Joy

Emma Joy

“Illustration is my inspiration and my full time job”

‘I'm a French illustrator living in Paris. I was born in Denmark in 1980 and I grew up in the south-west of France. I studied Graphic Design in Bordeaux.

‘For 10 years I've worked as a graphic and textile designer for fashion brands in Paris.

‘In 2011, whist I was on maternity leave, I started a blog with my illustrations for pleasure; however, in 2015 it became my full time job!’



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Talking to Emma Joy

Describe your work in 3 words

‘Style, drawing and enjoyment’.

Do you remember your first illustration?

‘Yes I remember it very well, that was 10 years ago. I had the chance to make 10 illustrations for the docks of Bordeaux. What was crazy is that 6 months later I happened to see my picture on a bus, it was a funny feeling but I felt really proud of course’.

How would you describe your creative process?

‘In general I don’t do a lot of calculations; I am guided by my drawing. I prepare a pencil sketch, then I use Photoshop to finalize the felt to complete the colour; I like the taste of the risk of drawing by hand’.

Who or what inspires you?

‘I am addicted to Pinterest and Instagram; a look, a mood, an attitude or an artist can inspire me’.

What helps you to be creative?

‘This helps me to be creative; I think it is a good mix between doubt and trust. Without doubt, I will not speculate without confidence – I will stay stuck in front of my blank sheet of paper. I am unable to be creative if I feel pain, I also need a good coffee and to feel happy. I think I need to draw like you need a new pair of shoes’.


‘I like it in the same way as Christine & the Queens’


What is your working environment like?

‘I work at home; I have an office in my apartment. I hang a bunch of pictures on the wall, it stimulates me. After I have taken my daughter to school, I sit at my desk with a good coffee, radio and my Mac. It's a real luxury to be able to combine my professional life and my family life, and pick up my daughter from school at the end of the day. I have worked in several fashion companies in the past, I cannot go back; this is the perfect balance of working freelance’.

What would be your dream project?

‘Without hesitation it would be the publication of a picture book; it would be a dream if my illustrations were included in a project of this type’.

Where can we follow you?


Your favourite fashion designers

‘It is very difficult to choose, but I would choose a woman: Sonia Rykiel, because I keep the image of her cheerful catwalks in my mind, the personality and uniqueness of each model is highlighted. So I choose her because she is colourful and ultra-feminine and I love her art, style and chic spirit’.



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