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“Fashion is my great passion and it surrounds me in all aspects of my life”

I was born in Bilbao and I have lived in Barcelona for over 10 years, though, more importantly, I consider myself a citizen of the world. I have been fortunate enough to travel a great deal and live (due to work) in different countries, which has enabled me to open my mind, breathe other cultures and experience other outlooks on life, and also fashion.

Fashion is my great passion and it surrounds me in all aspects of my life (at home, work, etc.).
Ever since I was very small I have taken note of the latest trends and when I was a teenager, I tried to stamp them on my looks (but always within my mother’s limits!!). Over the years, my passion has increased even more, if that’s possible. It’s like everything in life, as we get older our obsessions become more pronounced and in this case, my great ‘obsession’ to follow great designers. Streetstyle is rising to a crescendo.
The idea of having my own blog where I could share this passion started a few years ago, though I couldn’t make my dream come true until February 2015 and, to be honest, it’s proving to be one of the most intense and exciting experiences I’ve ever had.

I hope I’ll be capable of transmitting all of this to you in my weekly posts.


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