Eduard Inglés
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Eduard Inglés

Eduard Inglés

“I believe in letters, I focus on colour and I enjoy their expression”

Since 1987.

Graphic designer born in Barcelona. ‘After studying graphic design, I fell in love with the beauty of letters. I decided to further my studies by doing a Master’s in typography, which allowed me to combine my passion for typography with other disciplines associated to design.

‘I believe in using letters, colours and concise ideas to provide functional and attractive design solutions.

‘I like to perceive design as a challenge for improving the needs of communication as regards aesthetics and content, enjoying each project in the process to reach the goal’.



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Talking to Eduard

How did you become a graphic designer?

‘By accident. I had always enjoyed drawing and I used to spend more time planning the cover of my assignments, than the actual content (he laughs). I find giving shape and colour to my ideas is very relaxing. I can even say that design has a therapeutic effect on me’.

What do you like the most and the least in your daily life?

‘I like the beginning of the day the best. I make a mental list of all the projects I have underway, check their state and the challenges I have lined up for me that day. In addition, the result of your efforts when you see a project has become real (tangible) is personally rewarding (despite all the obstacles you’ve had to overcome). What I don’t like is when the phone rings every five minutes. Though I love talking and being with other people, it’s something I can’t get used to’.

Do you have plans to work abroad?

‘Yes, of course. At the moment the financial situation is a bit complicated. But that doesn’t mean your dreams can’t come true. One of mine is to be able to work abroad; know other cultures, styles of life and this way, enrich my inner world with different experiences, both professional and personal’.

A professional you admire?

‘A professional I admire is Art Chantry. Besides the professional identification he may have with his work, I think he has a positive and bold outlook on life, giving rise to the learning process in all he does I admire the way he is and how he sees the world’.

Can you name a brand that stands out for the quality of its communication and briefly explain your choice?

‘My New Blazer! No doubt about that!’

Can you recommend an app you find useful and/or good fun?

‘Like half the people who own a smartphone, I’m hooked on Whatsapp. An application I find useful, and you must have heard of Telegram Messenger. It’s a messaging service that enables you to send encrypted and anonymous messages. You can feel like a spy for two minutes!’




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