Cris Goms
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Cris Goms

Cris Goms

“Whenever I had a sheet of paper in front of me, a drawing would spring from my hands”

Cris Goms, born in 1989, in Mataró. ‘I love colour, images, typography and everything related to art. I have a degree in graphic design, which is my profession, and in my free time I work as an illustrator’.


Let’s meet Cris Goms


Describe your work in three words


‘My style is not at all closed and neither is it completely defined; actually, I really enjoy exploring different styles and techniques, but I think my work is always personal, spontaneous and feminine’.


Do you remember your first illustration?


‘I probably did my first illustration whilst I was with my father. I can remember spending time together and he used to draw lions, birds, fish and trees and I liked to imitate him as best I could. When I was very small, I used to play around with paint and colours. All the margins in my books were full of drawings and cartoons; without realising it whenever I had a sheet of paper in front of me, a drawing would spring from my hands. I studied the artistic baccalaureate, which enabled me to learn a lot and improve my skills and when I went to university I discovered the world of digital illustration and I became hooked’.


How would you describe your creative process?


‘My creative process depends on many things; for example, my mood, thoughts, daily concerns… I usually start drawing lines and I define the idea as I go along’.


Who or what inspires you?


‘Oof! Everything inspires me. I’ve always been very observant; I walk along the street looking at everything. I withdraw into my own world and I observe the people, colours, movements, sounds. All this wakes up my curiosity and makes me want to draw. As regards artists, I love the expressiveness of the strokes by Egon Schielle, the delicacy of Alphons Mucha, the depth of Frida Khalo’s work and the details and colour of Gustav Klimt’s paintings. And obviously the work of well-known artists today, like Paula Bonet, Guim Tió or my favourite, Conrad Roset’.


What helps you to be creative?


‘Clean and tidy surroundings help me, and music, too, I always listen to music’.


What would be your dream project?


‘I would love to give an exhibition, paint a mural or travel abroad to collaborate with another artist’.


Where can we follow you?


‘I’m addicted to Instagram (@crisgoms). It’s an excellent tool for sharing my work quickly. You can also see my portfolio at behance/crisgoms’.


Your favourite fashion designers


‘Not long ago, I started working in a fashion business so I spend the whole day surrounded by flowers, colours and fabrics. I visit a lot of blogs, I go through all the fashion shows and I love mixing the world of fashion with illustration. I’ve discovered designers such as Nicole Miller and Giamba, who produce marvellous things’.


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