Similia Similibus Costume
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Similia Similibus Costume


“Each garment is the result of a creative act”

Similia Similibus Costume is a firm that creates top quality, feminine garments from an artistic perspective, which are the result of researching and observing the environment with no aim other than studying the sensations we experienced as a result of being in contact with natural elements and the emotions we felt. The pureness of lines and quality of the fabrics, together with the use of natural fibres and the finishes of garments are the features which best define the brand. Each item is the result of a creative act; the collections are creative acts linked together by a poetic discourse with a conceptual basis and the relationship with nature, the human mind and its processes.

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Laura, créatrice of Similia Similibus Costume, works on the coast of the Basque Country. She admits that living in such surroundings makes her work easier, because it combines nature in its purest state with a more urban lifestyle, enabling her to be in contact with other artistic disciplines, which enrich her vision of forms and shapes. The combination of these elements gives rise to unique pieces that are endowed with a very personal character.



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