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My New Blazer

Published on 28.05.2015


A few weeks ago our dream came true with the birth of our most valued project: My New Blazer.

Some of you might have asked yourselves the reason for its name; where are the blazers…? And, you’re right, there aren’t any. That doesn’t mean that in the future we won’t include them or design any… We’ll just see what happens! But, right now, My New Blazer honours an association of ideas that were running around in our heads when we wanted to name our project.

We thought that ‘My’ refers to something personal, which belongs to me, something you buy for yourself.

New’ is something new, to wear for the first time, your present. It forms a part of your shopping experience.

And ‘Blazer’... Blazer is an English word that has been widely accepted and is used in Spanish; there isn’t even a suitable synonym. A blazer is a blazer. And everything it implies. It is masculine yet eternally feminine. It has character, structure, style and it is a key garment in any wardrobe. At the same time it summarises the idea of clothes and even accessories, the essence of My New Blazer.

But besides the essence of the word, there is the essence of our logo. It took no time for our graphic designer, Eduard Inglés to capture our dream and idea, and he materialised it. Our logo is based on a proposal presented as ‘Heart’, a proposal completely linked to an illusion. As a friend of mine said, ‘It crosses the limits of everything superficial, capturing the essence of people and places; it is in this crossing when the ‘empty’ line which divides the word into two is created. The space between the two parts contains everything My New Blazer offers: ESSENCE, HEART. This space, which turns into a line and invades the whole identity. I fell in love with this space.’ Thank you, Cristian J., so did we.

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