Taking a walk with Hermès
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Taking a walk with Hermès

Published on 22.05.2015

It’s always lovely to be able to walk on the streets of our cities and if we do it in a leisurely and unhurried manner it can even turn into an invitation to rediscover or surprise ourselves, or just see something from a new and different prism, this precise moment. With each step we take we reveal something we have inside; it’s only necessary to watch what’s going on around you to reach new horizons, which have always been there but we don’t often notice.

A few weeks ago I had to go to Kings Road in London to sort a few things out and I decided to take advantage of the situation and visit the wonderful Saatchi Gallery, a place that never fails to surprise me because of the freshness of the artists. On this occasion, the veteran house, Hermès, had installed itself in a wing on the first floor of the gallery, inviting us to turn into flâneurs or exceptional voyeuristic city stroller along the streets of their exhibition.

hermes my new blazer

In the first room I was met by a surrealistic festival of walking sticks; it would be my main support for wandering comfortably along the streets and past the window displays of the world of Hermès. Shall we continue? We opened the doors of a huge wardrobe and went inside the privacy of a dressing room. She is obsessed with bags and he loves sports, but with the air of a dandy, the mark of the house, of course. She owns a large collection of Birkin bags and loves to see them hanging on the wall of her dressing room. After all, it is her exhibition, for her eyes alone and her own pleasure.

armario hermes my new blazercaballos hermes my new blazer
We cross a street, walk across a square and it suddenly starts to rain; so there’s nothing that takes our fancy more than finding shelter in the Café des objets oubliés before continuing our route under covered passageways.

objetos perdidos my new blazerpasillo hermes my new blazermaletín hermes my new blazer

The rain seemed to have stopped so I left my walking stick in the entrance and returned to the streets of London with a happy smile on my face. If time seemed to stop in Paris, in London it speeded up, so I took a deep breath and like a true flâneur I walked slowly away, enjoying every step.




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