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Hawaii Bombay

Published on 29.05.2015

Who hasn’t dreamt of travelling to a beach with white sand and palm trees? And playing in the background the song by Mecano, ‘Hawaii Bombay’… the fever of the Tropics has caught up with me and I want to wrap all of you in this mood. Are you following me?
Fabrics with patterns of fruits, palm trees, hibiscus and tropical animals creep into our wardrobe and bring us the echo of far-away lands, breaths of warm, fragrant air. If I close my eyes I can even hear the sound of the sea… 

turbante ela´s place my new blazer

ela´s place my new blazer

It seems that if we wore one of these patterned garments, we would feel nearer these paradises, wouldn’t we? For this reason it’s not surprising that as the temperatures rise and summer approaches, all the front covers of fashion magazines display models getting lost in the jungle or on deserted beaches. The street is totally of aware of this and it gradually fills up with colourist and tropical looks.   


turbante ela´s my new blazer

Let yourself be seduced by this trend and, keep on dreaming!

Happy weekend!



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