Sightseeing in khaki style
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Sightseeing in khaki style

Published on 14.05.2015


Getting to know a city implies doing a lot of walking to see the maximum number of places and interesting spots. However, it is really important to dress properly and wear the right shoes. I’m now going to tell you about the look I chose for my sightseeing expedition around London.

It was quite a cloudy day and the temperatures were unlikely to go higher than 15 degrees. There was even the possibility of the odd shower of rain. That meant it wasn’t easy to decide what to wear, though I knew I had to dress like an onion, with lots of layers, to be able to take my clothes on and off depending on if it rained, was cold or sunny.


ela´s place my new blazer

In the end I chose some elastic cargo pants, a long-sleeved cotton shirt in the same colour as my tricot poncho, and a lightweight garment.

For my feet, I decided to wear my new MUSTANG espadrilles, which are really comfortable and are all the rage at the moment (I’m planning to write a post about espadrilles very soon). It would have been easier to wear sneakers but my espadrilles were perfect for adding a special, cool touch to my outfit.

Elas place - My n

And, as you can expect, (I think that by now you know I’m incapable of going anywhere without one of my hats) this time I completed my look with one of my favourites, a red, wide-brimmed hat in felt. It looks great on both fair and dark people.

The day couldn’t have finished in a better way. I managed to visit everything I had proposed in my initial plan and I felt really comfortable because I had chosen my clothes well, particularly my shoes.

Happy weekend!



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